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Marcie is an electronic magnetic compass with serial interface. Marcie was developed during a Studienarbeit at RCS at the TU in Munich.


Marcie has to be connected to the RS232 port of a computer running  Linux.

price of parts:  about 50 Euro
supply voltage:  11-14 V (8..9V) DC
current: max. 50 mA
data rate: 19200 baud, 8 databits, 1 stopbit, no parity
error:  < ±2° in homogenous field and with calibration
dimensions without case: 80x46x20mm 

The following files contain all information that is nessecairy to build Marcie:

Documentation in html-format or the original student's thesis in pdf-format (sorry german only)

To build the board use:
the layouttransparencies kompasslayout_t.gif and kompasslayout_b.gif
Eagle with kompass.sch and kompass.brd

Sourcecode: marciesrc.tgz   (tared and zipped)

You could get the parts from e.g. Conrad and Farnell.

The part T1, a NDS 8958 is actually hard to get! But a NDS9943, a IRF7309 or a SI9938DY should work as well!

Important note:
Allthough the compass was built once with the plans above, there is no warranty that the provided plans and programs are correct. Use at your own risk!

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