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Wanna play Trox?

Trox 2 is a 3D-Tron-Clone, where the players move on the surface of a sphere.

Simply load it down and test it!

DOS-version 2.0 for two players (ca. 35kB freeware) VESA-compatible VGA-Card required!

Linux-(svgalib-)version 2.1.2 (ca. 28kB GPL) for two to four players on up to four computers over network. New version with some bugfixes by simoN!

Work for Trox for X is in progress but will need a little more time...

Seems that it won't ever be finished, but can be played so:

  • two players only
  • no documentation
  • ballsize and speed cannot be changed
  • meanwhile adapted to Qt3
qtrox-0.3.1.tgz (ca. 76kB)

The Director 1.2

The Director is the ultimate tool for professional roleplayers. It can be used with X11Amp or xmms to play back a group of sorted mp3-files on a single keystroke.

The Director 1.2 (BASH-script for Linux, ca. ??kB)

Available soon...

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