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Bad sense of direction?

Build an electronic compass with RS232-interface.

More communications nessecairy?

ComBox is a tool for LAN-parties or other occasions where groups of computer-users have to communicate over a longer distance. Good quality, no latency, no pressing of buttons.

A dark age will come!

Build a flashlight!

Version I

Probably the world's first waterresistant switchable dualcolored LED-Flashlight in keyring-size with switching power-supply for constant brightness and operation with one micro-battery or accu only.

Problems with water?

Try my waterwarner.

How close do you like?

capacitive distance- and force-sensor

Use a capacitive distance and force-sensor with integrated spring-element. Dimensions: 20x50x5mm, distances of 3mm can be measured. Frequency modulated output.

All plans are provided "as is" without any warranty for anything!

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